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Luna Bean

Brazil Santos

Brazil Santos

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Indulge in the rich flavors of Brazil with Luna Bean's Brazil Santos coffee – a medium roast masterpiece that embodies the essence of South American elegance. Certified natural and meticulously crafted, this coffee offers a smooth and sophisticated taste profile, with delightful cocoa notes that linger on the palate.

Sourced from the renowned Fazenda Santa Barbara, Sao Francisco, and Santo Antonio estates in Parana and Sao Paulo, Brazil, our Brazil Santos coffee is a true reflection of the region's coffee excellence. Grown at altitudes ranging from 750 to 1050 meters in nutrient-rich volcanic loam soil, the coffee beans thrive in this unique environment, absorbing the richness of the land and producing exceptional flavor.

The coffee trees, primarily of the Catuai and Mundo Novo varieties, yield beans of unparalleled quality, each carefully processed using the pulped natural method and sun-dried to perfection. This meticulous process preserves the natural flavors and aromas of the beans, resulting in a cup that is both elegant and satisfying.

Experience the magic of Brazil's coffee heritage with every sip of Luna Bean's Brazil Santos. Whether enjoyed as a morning ritual or a midday indulgence, this exquisite brew transports you to the sun-kissed hills of Brazil, where the warmth of the sun and the richness of the soil converge in a cup of perfection. Order now and elevate your coffee experience with Luna Bean.

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