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Luna Bean

Mango Treat

Mango Treat

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Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with Luna Bean's Mango Treat Tea – a delightful infusion bursting with the sweet, smooth, and summery flavors of ripe mango. Whether enjoyed hot or chilled over ice, this refreshing tea is an invitation to indulge in the essence of summer anytime, anywhere.

Crafted with care and precision, our Mango Treat Tea features a blend of premium tea leaves infused with the irresistible essence of mango, creating a harmonious fusion of fruity sweetness and refreshing tea notes. The result is a vibrant and uplifting brew that captivates the senses and leaves you feeling rejuvenated with every sip.

Perfect for both hot and iced tea enthusiasts, our Mango Treat Tea offers versatility and versatility, making it the perfect companion for any occasion. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or hosting a summer gathering with friends, this tea is sure to impress and delight.

For the perfect cup, we recommend using 2.5g per 12oz cup, brewed at 195°F for 5-10 minutes, allowing the flavors to fully develop and infuse into every sip. So treat yourself to a taste of paradise with Luna Bean's Mango Treat Tea and let its tropical allure whisk you away to sun-kissed shores and balmy breezes.

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